Increase in email campaign attributed revenue

Generated in 3 months from email and SMS

[Email & SMS]

WatchMaxx.com is among the leading online retailers of luxury watches. They are a family-owned business with over 20 years of experience selling watches. Their industry connections allow them to buy the most desired brands at the best prices. This helps them provide exceptional value to their customers.

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WatchMaxx was sending email campaigns regularly. Yet, they weren’t getting the most out of the revenue they drove. The account’s designs were repetitive and template-based making the demand for creativity evident. These designs didn’t resonate well with their customers. They also didn’t test different design ideas to see what worked best. On top of that, their SMS marketing was inconsistent and hard to predict. This caused frustration and an underwhelming response from their customers.

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Elgo Digital sat down with the team at WatchMaxx to devise a comprehensive strategy for their email and SMS marketing. The main goal was to add revenue and engage customers better without sending more emails. We accomplished this by focusing on best practices for effective and detailed segmentation. We also tested email content and designs for email-attributed revenue and engagement. We adjusted their post-purchase journey to cut canceled orders. Additionally, we found profiles that weren’t active recently and ran re-engagement campaigns.

We used data and analysis to figure out the best times and days to send emails. This was not only focusing on engagement but also on revenue. We looked at the customer behavior on their website and purchase data from the emails. This helps us further develop good and effective content for the emails.

We optimized their flows to enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns. We also made improvements to their SMS marketing by introducing “WatchMaxx Wednesday.” This way customers had a cadence by which to expect a text.

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In only three months, the strategies we implemented showed remarkable success. WatchMaxx experienced a significant 87% growth in revenue from their targeted email campaigns. During this period, they generated over $1 million in revenue through email and SMS. These results weren’t even during the holiday season! Additionally, there was a notable 29% increase in engaged subscribers. This indicated a higher level of interest and interaction from their audience.

By using effective segmentation, their email deliverability improved even more. Key metrics showed impressive improvements, such as a 41% decrease in bounced emails, a 52% decrease in spam reports, and an outstanding 39% decrease in unsubscribe rates. These improvements show the campaigns reached the right audience and delivered valuable content.

Their post-purchase email experience led to a significant 295% decrease in canceled orders. Ultimately, their return on investment (ROI) was an impressive 61.73X (on the software plus our fees)! This showcases the exceptional success and profitability of targeted email and SMS strategies.


Increase in email campaign attributed revenue


Generated in 3 months from email and SMS


ROI on software plus our fees

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